Architectural GEM

Here everything is alchemy. Mysterious scent of cedar wood, soft rustling of the fountain, magic of ancestral architecture, everything invites you to immerse yourself in an oasis of serenity and intimacy to discover the sweetness of life in the heart of the medina of Marrakech.

Built on an area of about 300 m² and around two patios, the Riad Boutique Elegancia rises majestically on several levels. Behind its high walls in ocher hues, we are greeted by an imposing studded door of 360 cedar wood nails, that overlooks a magnificent interior patio housing an Indian fountain dating from the 19th century. This beautiful living room bathed in daylight revolves around a living room with fireplace and a vestibule that gives access to the second patio where 4 bedrooms are divided.

The walls are decorated with zelliges in several shades inspired by the Ben Youssef Madrasa. For the ceilings, the craftsmen used the technique of carved wood (Annaqch) or hand painted wood ( zouak ) to transcribe a geometric and floral ornamentation enhanced with gilding and typical Moroccan art bright colors. All the paintings and sculptures have been done on the renovation site. A work of goldsmith worthy of praise, which required more than 2.000 hours of work to the craftsmen to renovate the ceilings of the salons. The floor is covered with tiles of zellige Fassi and «bejmatte», a typical Moroccan terracotta tile. The guests are in awe of the two majestic 3m long chandeliers, each consisting of 33 and 41 wrought iron lamps coming down from the roof. In the evening, the effect of subdued light sparkles throughout the Riad creating a harmonious and elegant atmosphere. The frame of the chimney, other decorative elements, is in chiseled copper and the bhou at the entrance, a hidden alcove, whose ceiling is magnified by a painting on cedar wood.

Woodwork in cedar wood, zelliges, dinanderies, plaster, marquetry and taddelakt reinterpret through each piece of the Riad to attest to the most beautiful expressions of the ancestral know-how of the Moroccan artisans who worked days and nights, for endless hours to make the Riad Boutique Elegancia an architectural jewel. Like a showcase of Moroccan art, the convivial atmosphere of the Riad is amplified by the art objects on display such as the old wooden doors of the 19th century, the tables in cedar wood or in chiseled nickel silver, the oriental paintings that decorate the walls of the Riad as well as the magnificent cedar wood railings on each floor.